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Grand Sanitation offers garbage collection and trash removal services in Watchung, New Jersey!

Watchung Trash Removal Service Pricing

City or Town Watchung
Residential Service Tuesday & Friday
Special Offer First Month Free
Commercial Service Available
Dumpster Service Available
Great company very reasonable price
Yelp November 5, 2017 - Samah M.

Great company very reasonable price for your garbage pickup. if your being overcharged for your garbage pickup from your town call this company!!

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    Grand Sanitation is your superior choice for residential garbage collection, trash removal and other waste disposal services. Proudly serving 07069 areas of Watchung, New Jersey.

    Commercial Garbage Collection
    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can I throw out on my pickup days?
    Residential trash services are for regular household trash, which is essentially household waste that is commonly generated on a daily basis that include, but are not limited to, food and non-recyclable paper items. Cardboard, glass, bottles, newspapers, and other recyclables should be separated. We can take larger items, clean-ups, and construction debris, but these must be scheduled with the office.

    What is Bulk Pickup? / What is Bulk Collection?
    Bulk waste pickup is a special pickup for bulky waste / bulky household items. Furniture removal, appliance removal, junk removal, and construction debris removal would all fall into this category. If you are in need of any of these services, please call our office at 908-222-1566 to schedule a removal of these items.

    Are there any items that you cannot take?
    Yes. Hazardous materials, items containing Freon, televisions, computers, tires, concrete, large amounts of cooking oil, batteries and wet paint are all examples of items that we cannot accept; However if you are having trouble finding a place to dispose of these items you may call our office for assistance.

    How do I order a dumpster? How do I order a Roll-Off box?
    A roll off box is a dumpster that is only needed short term, usually for the purposes of some type of large clean-up or construction job. You can call our office at 908-222-1566 to get more information and schedule, or visit our roll-off page here.

    How early should I put my trash out?
    We recommend that all residential customers place all their trash out at the curb the night before their scheduled pickup day (with the exception of backyard customers).

    How can I keep animals out of my garbage?
    A little ammonia is very offensive to raccoons especially, so you can spray the inside of your trash can with a little bit of ammonia to discourage them from trying to get to what’s inside. If other small animals are trying to get into your cans at night, try putting a cinder block or large rock on top of your lid.

    Can I stop my trash services while on vacation?
    Yes. If you are going to be away for more than 2 weeks, please call our office to notify us at 908-222-1566 and you will not be billed for the length that you are away.

    Does my trash have to be in bags?
    Yes. Any type of bag is fine, but loose trash can pose a potential hazard to our employees, has a greater chance of attracting animals, and also can stick to the inside of your can.

    What do I do with my Christmas tree?
    First contact your your local department of public works, local recycling department, or local charity for pickup, drop off, recycling, or donation options. If you would like to arrange pick up with Grand, please call our office at 908-222-1566 for arrangements.

    What do I do with grass clippings? What do I do with leaves?
    Due to the increasing costs of disposal, customers must purchase Yard Waste decals to be placed on each bag of debris. Call our office at (908) 222-1566 or email our office using the form on our contact page to order decals. We will add the cost of decals to your next bill and mail the decals. Note: Each bag of yard waste can weigh no more than 40 lbs.

    How do I cancel my garbage service?
    Cancellation of service require 1 weeks’ notice in writing. Any concerns or notices may be sent to

    What should I do if my garbage pickup was missed?
    Please call our office at 908-222-1566 or email us at for prompt assistance.

    What are my rights?
    New Jersey law N.J.A.C. 7:26H-5.12 has clearly defined your rights. Read more about Customer Bill of Rights.